7 Benefits of Purina Accuration Liquid Feed

Watch this short video from Austin Arms with Ark Country Store as he outlines the 7 benefits of Purina Accuration Liquid Feed for your cattle herd. 

  1. Purina Accuration 32-10. High protein, high energy.  One of the highest protein liquid feeds on the market.
  2. A 28% moisture product. One of the lowest moisture products on the market. Don’t pay more for extra water in your liquid feed.
  3.  76% TDN – Total Digestible Nutrients. A highly digestible liquid and better-performing product. Your cattle get more energy.
  4. Made with pure cane molasses. No by-products or corn oil.
  5. Will not spoil, separate or sour. The ingredients will stay suspended.
  6. Purina Accuration Intake provides limited intake, making this liquid feed more cost-efficient. 1.5 to 3 lbs per head per day.
  7. You can find it at Ark Country Store 

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