All Purina Show High Octane Supplements 20% Off

All Purina Show High Octane Supplements are 20% OFF! Stock up now! This is the best pricing of the year.
Check out the video or read below to see how much you can save on High Octane Supplements! There are no limits other than while supply lasts, which can vary from product to product. Call Ark Country Store for more information.

High Octane Depth Charge:

was $12.50 and is now $10! Depth Charge helps promote a full physical appearance. It can be fed to all Show livestock species. It helps keep animals fuller when limit feeding.

High Octane Power Fuel:

was $58 and is now $46.40! Power Fuel helps improve immune function during periods of stress. It contains essential fatty acids that are good for the overall health and look of your show animal. It also contains Tasco which is important during periods of stress.

High Octane Ultra Full:

was $28.75 and is now $23! Ultra Full is designed to help support fill in the lower body and flank areas through controlled, progressive expansion. The proprietary ingredient blend enhances palatability to help stimulate feed intake and can be fed to all show livestock species.

High Octane Fitter 35:

was $49.99 and is now $39.99! Fitter 35 topdress has high protein supplement for all species and classes of show animals. It helps support lean tissue growth and has no added copper – meaning it can be fed to sheep. Finally, It also helps with muscle development for all species and can be used as a complete feed for pigs when managing weight gain.

High Octane Alleviate:

was $41.75 and is now $33.40! Alleviate is for show cattle, pigs, lambs and goats is formulated to support optimal pH in the digestive system of animals. 

High Octane Heavy Weight:

was $57.50 and is now $46! Heavy Weight is a safe, palatable source of energy for all show species. It can be used to help improve voluntary feed intake and as a source of energy to help promote growth, bloom, and help to increase body condition.

High Octane Fitter 52: 

was $58 and is now $46.10! Fitter 52 is formulated as a very high protein supplement to affect leanness. It is esigned to quickly promote muscle synthesis and definition. As a result, the proprietary ingredient blend and can be fed to all show livestock species. 

High Octane Champion Drive:

was $59.99 and is now $47.99! Champion Drive makes animals look great by building muscle and trimming fat! It contains high levels of both fat- and water-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and B vitamins) which is an excellent way to supplement vitamins when animals need a boost or are stressed.

High Octane Power Fill:

was $60 and is now $48! Power Fill helps to promote body condition while managing weight gain. It also helps maintain gut fill.

High Octane Fly Control with Clarify:

was $42.99 and is now $34.39! It is for cattle, sheep, goats and pigs works as a feed-through supplement, passing through the animal’s digestive system and into the manure, where flies lay their eggs. ClariFly® prevents flies from developing in and emerging from the manure – ultimately, interrupting the flies’ life cycle. 

Purina High Octane Supplements

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