Baby Chicks Arrive

Feb ’20
Feb ’20
Mar ’20

baby chicks


Baby Chicks arrive at Ark Country Store on February, 7th, February 21st, and March 6th! For information on individual breeds available, see below. 

Please Note: Chick types are not guaranteed. Please call the store at (972) 937-8860 to ensure which chick types are available before heading over. The hatchery can make changes, or a hatch can be short, so please call first. We are scaling back on the chicks we will be offering this year compared to past years, so make sure to get your chicks early! 

Here are the types of chicks that arriving:

  • Ameraucana
  • Blue-Red Laced Wyandottes
  • Mottled Java
  • Buff  Orpington
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Black Cochin
  • Delawares
  • Cuckoo Marans
  • Black Australorps

Now is the time to start your backyard flock. Chick starter kits, chick feeders, waterers and chicken feed are all available at Ark Country Store in Waxahachie and Midlothian. Stop in today to speak with our chick experts to get everything you need to raise a healthy flock!



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