“Chicken Whisperer” visits Ark Country Store

Apr ’10
6:30 pm

Purina Poultry Ambassador, Andy Schneider, better known as the Chicken Whisperer will be joining Ark Country Store’s upcoming workshop on April 8, 2010.  In addition to the scheduled Horse Owners Workshop, Andy will be meet and chat with folks about raising your own backyard chickens and flocks.

Over the years Andy has helped a number of people start their own flocks.  He is a national radio personality, Purina Poultry Ambassador, and contributor for Mother Earth News Magazine, Grit Magazine, and Farmers Almanac.  He is the owner of Atlanta Pet Chickens, Classroom Chickens, and is Founder/Organizer of the Atlanta Backyard Poultry Meetup Group.  Andy has been featured on CNN, HLN, CBS, NBC, NPR, as well as in TIME Magazine, The Economist, USA Today, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, New Life Journal, and countless other local and national publications.

To learn more please visit www.chickenwhisperer.net.  Picture courtesy of Studio Chambers.

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