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Topdress Wheat

Nitrogen is both the most important nutrient in wheat production and the largest fertilizer cost, so high nitrogen use-efficiency is essential for improved yields and profitability. Although winter wheat takes up most nitrogen after late winter, about 35 percent to 40 percent is required before jointing, so it’s important to ensure the crop has nitrogen at the right time.

Topdressing with UAN solution or dry urea can help meet these needs and lower financial risk by delaying the final decision on nitrogen rates until later in the season. However, topdressed nitrogen is susceptible to loss. With broadcast applications, volatilization is often the limiting factor. Large amounts of surface crop residue can increase nitrogen vulnerability. Heavy amounts of precipitation, especially in sandier soils, can cause nitrogen to leach below the root zone also resulting in nitrogen deficiency.

Charlie Carter, SFP’s Texas Oklahoma Regional Account Manager states, “In Texas, we typically experience one of two weather extremes. We may encounter excessive amounts of rainfall that contributes to leaching. On the other hand, we may have extended periods of time with no moisture at all. In this scenario, topdressed nitrogen left on the surface is at serious risk of volatilizing.”

Supplementing a topdress program with proper nutrient management tools helps to ensure adequate amounts of nitrogen are available when the crop needs it.

Carter explains that adding NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager to a topdress application is like adding an insurance policy to the program.

“NutriSphere-N reduces volatilization and leaching, providing flexibility in timing of application and keeping more nitrogen available for your wheat. More nitrogen availability means the potential to increase wheat quality, resulting in better protein content.” 

Carter adds, “With today’s high nitrogen prices and good wheat prices, it’s important for growers to protect their nitrogen investment in order for them to get the biggest bang for their buck.”   

NutriSphere-N has been proven to increase potential yields as much as 10-15 percent over grower standard fertilizer practices. To see research trials and learn more about NutriSphere-N visit or contact:

Charlie Carter

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Reggie Underwood

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