Purina Layena + Free Range

Purina Layena + Free Range available at Ark Country StoreFeed your chickens a free-range diet anywhere, any time with Free Range poultry feed from Purina.

Chickens love free-ranging and eat nutritious insects when roaming the backyard. But free-ranging is not always possible. Purina Layena + Free Range Layer Feed is made with grains and insect protein so hens can enjoy a sustainable, free-range diet no matter the weather or where they live.

Contains insect protein and grains. The benefits of insect protein extend beyond the coop. Using insects as a protein source is a sustainable solution to feeding a growing global population.

Purina Layena+ Free Range Layer Feed is available in 10 lb. and 40 lb. bags. Stop into Ark Country Store located in Waxahachie, Texas for your supply of poultry feed including Purina’s line of Layena Poultry Feeds.


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