Ark Country Store

24 Days of Christmas Specials!

24 Days of Christmas SpecialsIt’s back and bigger than ever this year.  Shop Ark Country Store daily in December and save big!  Pull out that list of those who are naughty and nice and head on over to Ark Country Store between Dec 1 – 24 and save!

Here are the daily specials:

Dec. 1: Buy any 8lb bag of Exclusive Chicken & Rice dog food and receive 1 LB DOG BISCUITS FREE!
Dec 2: Buy 2 Case Knives and get a NOCONA SHEATH FREE!
Dec 3: Spend $50 on Tack and get $2 OFF HORSE FEED. (Premium horse feed only.  Excludes Country Acres and Crossroads)
Dec 4: Buy any game camera (Browning or Covert), get 25% OFF YETI ACCESSORIES.
Dec 5: Buy 2 KA-Ranch items and get a 3RD KA-RANCH ITEM FOR FREE.
Dec 6: Buy a horse blanket and get 10% OFF SAFEGUARD WORMER (Paste or pellet only).
Dec 7: Buy 2 toys, get the 3rd 25% OFF.
Dec 8: Buy any dog food, 15 lb bag or larger and get ANY DOG PRODUCT 20% OFF.
Dec 9: Buy one pair of Muck boots and take 25% OFF THE 2ND PAIR!
Dec 10: Buy any Walls or GameGuard clothing and get 25% OFF WILDGAME PRODUCTS
Dec 11: Buy any bag of bird seed and take 30% OFF BIRD FEEDERS.
Dec 12: Buy a bag of Layena Chicken Feed, 25 0r 50 LB bag (Pellets or Crumbles), get 25% off HAPPY HENS TREATS.
Dec 13: Buy any Gameguard jacket and get a DOVE VEST FREE!
Dec 14: Buy 200 lbs of whole corn and get 30% OFF DEER DESIRE PRODUCTS.
Dec 15: Buy 2 bottles of Buck Bomb and get a 3rd BUCK BOMB BOTTLE FREE!
Dec 16: Buy any Montana Silversmith necklace and get MONTANA SILVERSMITH EARRINGS 25% OFF!
Dec 18: Buy 2 ropes and get a Ark Country Store Cap FREE!
Dec 19: Buy a horse blanket and get ONE 32oz BOTTLE OF FLYSPRAY (Bronco & Pony XP)
Dec 20: Air Riderz Extreme Swings & Tire Swings 25% off
Dec 21: Buy one cowhide/goathide get ONE home decor item 20% off.
Dec 22: All doghouses 20% off, get a Bag of Hay FREE.
Dec 23: Buy a pair of Muck Boots and get ANY PAIR OF NOBLE EQUINE 50% OFF.
Dec 24: Buy any horsepad and get a Ark Country Store Cap FREE!

Merry Christmas!