Hay & Shavings

Hay & Shavings in Ellis County

At Ark Country Store, we take hay & shavings very seriously. We know that finding quality coastal and alfalfa hay can be a challenge so we work to provide the most premium hay in Ellis County.

R U Happy Ranch provides coastal hay & shavings to the customers of Ark Country Store. This ranch utilizes a fertility & weed control program to increase the quality of hay by increased protein and higher feed value. Weed and grass control techniques are used to provide a clean weed free bale of hay.

Using nitrogen to maximize protein in the hay and fertilizing after each cutting, this ranch is able to provide consistent hay throughout the season. The Bale Bandit is used to monitor consistency and increase efficiency from the field to trailer, trailer to storage, and storage to the customer. Each 21-bale bundle is easy to store and provides an accurate bale-count for the end consumer. These bundles also allow the bales to stay green when stored all year.

“We strive to provide the highest quality of coastal hay for the consumers of Ellis County, with customer and animal satisfaction being #1!”- Reggie Underwood

Nannette Paghi, A hay customer for the past 10 years, said, “ Ark Country Store’s coastal hay is the cleanest, most consistent hay bales I’ve ever had. It never has trash in it. The hay bundles hold moisture well so the hay stays fresher longer.”

Keith Shaw said, “I’ve been custom hay bailing for 31 years, and I have never seen grass of such high quality and consistency, year end and year out, even under adverse weather conditions.”

Stop by Ark Country Store today in Waxahachie, TX for your hay, alfalfa and shavings needs. We offer the best quality around.