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CyLence Ultra Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag

Did you know we carry CyLence Ultra Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag?  These ear tags deliver proven protection against the flies and ticks that attack your cattle and your bottom line!

CyLence Ultra Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag:

  • For beef and dairy cattle, including lactating dairy cattle
  • Contains a synergized fifth-generation pyrethroid, beta-cyfluthrin
  • Effective for up to five months
  • For optimum control, attach one tag to each ear; replace as necessary
  • Calves less than three months of age should not be tagged
  • Remove tags at end of fly season or prior to slaughter
  • Packaged 20 tags per box
  • Utilizes the Allflex® Universal Total Tagger

Proven to control:

  • Face flies, the mechanical vector of the Moraxella bovis bacteria that causes pinkeye in cattle
  • Horn flies
  • Gulf Coast Tick
  • Spinose ear ticks