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30 Days of Thankful Gardening….

The holiday season is upon us.  First up is Thanksgiving and what better way to count your blessing than by listing one for each day of the 30 Days of Thankful Gardeningmonth!

Here is Ark Country Store’s list of 30 Days of Thankful Gardening:

  1. Rich Soil—The foundation of all good gardening. That earthy smell that says “we can grow something in this!”
  2. Parks & Greenbelts – Mother Nature does it best with landscaping.  Take the opportunity to walk around her handiwork.
  3. Young Gardeners – instill your love of gardening with your children.  They want to learn and care for nature.
  4. Patio Furniture – thankful for enjoying your beautiful yard and garden from the comfort of your patio furniture.
  5. Greensand – if your soil lacks iron, this makes a big difference.
  6. Container Gardens – Thankful for the bright and beautiful container gardens the greet us and help us garden in even the smallest of spaces.
  7. Sharp Hand Pruners – nothing better than having a sharp pruner on hand to get the job done.
  8. Rain Barrels – collects the rainwater for your houseplants and containers and best of all, its FREE
  9. Hummingbirds – Amazing little fairies that visit out gardens
  10. Butterflies – love the beautiful adult versions, but dislike the larva eating our foliage!  A love/hate relationship!
  11. Trees – thankful for the shade and beautiful fall colors.
  12. Drip irrigation – efficient landscape watering, conserving our precious natural resource.
  13. Mulch – conserves water, regulates soil temperatures, and discourages weeds.
  14. Earthworms –  natures aerators.
  15. Water features – the sound of running water soothes our mind and soul.  And drowns out the neighbors and street noise!
  16. Fertilizers – they feed and improve the biology of your soil.
  17. Garden clubs – share your experience and what you love.
  18. Perennial color – color that comes back each year!
  19. Annual color – seasonal plants that we look forward to each spring & summer!
  20. Landscape lighting – accenting your yard with light!
  21. Birds – the changing species that visit our yards and gardens throughout the year.
  22. Rain – your lawn & garden would not exist without it.
  23. Gardening – thankful for those of us that tend the earth and land, and have a passion for gardening.
  24. Bees – natures pollinators!
  25. Vegetable gardens – squash, peppers, onions – the bounty of a summer and fall garden!
  26. Fresh Fruits – strawberries, tomatoes, peaches, blackberries – and the pies that go with them!
  27. Evergreens – your holiday lights look great in these!
  28. Herbs – Rosemary, basil, chives, oregano – they heighten the taste of any meal!
  29. Chicken wire – keeps those rabbits out of your garden!
  30. Change – the ability to change up your garden with new plants, trees, & features.

What are you thankful for?