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6 Hunting Season Preparation Tips

Hunting Season Preparation Tips

Deer hunting season is weeks away for many of us. Now is the time to start preparing for the season by picking up your license & taking hunter education classes; clean and repair your equipment; check the lease and property and more. Here are 6 tips to help you prepare now for a great season.

  1. Get your hunting license – Save time and purchase your hunting license ahead of time. Don’t stand in line at the last minute waiting for your license. If you are a new hunter find out if a hunter education workshop is required. Check with your local Parks & Wildlife office or with your county extension agent. Many courses are now offered online which can save you time.
  2. Check dates & regulations – many state regulations are updated annually, take the time to check them and make sure you are in compliance. Find out the dates for opening season for the various types of deer you are hunting, and for the different hunting methods. In Texas you can check them at the Texas Parks & Wildlife website.
  3. Clean and repair your equipment – If your equipment has been set aside for some time, take it out and clean it. Check the sight and scope of your rifle. Clean your deer feeders, and check your blinds. Any repairs needed are best done now to save you time during hunting season. Make sure you have ammunition on hand, get it early as supplies can be limited at times. Don’t forget clothing! Make sure they fit.
  4. Test your equipment – If you haven’t been practicing at least once a month, it’s time to start. This keeps you in practice for aiming, shooting and handling your gun.
  5. Check your lease or property – Do you need to clear out some areas? Is your deer feeder in the right place? Put your deer blind up so the wildlife become used to it. Scout out patterns and be ready for hunting season
  6. Safety first – Have a first aid kit on hand in the blind, your truck or on the property. Refill it with any missing items. Consider having an emergency plan in place, it’s always best to be prepared.

Preparation is key!  Follow these simple tips for a successful hunting season.  Pick up your hunting licenses, ammunition, batteries and supplies at Ark Country Store.