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Get Results with Accuration Range Liquid!

accuration range liquidIt doesn’t get better than this: great looking Mommas, sweet green fall grass and Accuration Range Liquid 32-10. The rancher that owns this dandy set can look forward to good solid gains going forward into the fall.  Easy on the wallet, Accuration Range Liquid on this class of cattle will cost him less than 40 cents per head per day.  As the pasture goes south, the heifers will still head north thanks to Purina’s Intake Modifying Technology.  They will start calving in February, all grown up, in good shape and at an economical cost.  If this isn’t your program, it should be.  Call us at Ark Country store (972) 921 6337 and ask for Austin (our Cattle Specialist).   Let us show you how we can help you make money in cattle business.