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Attracting Hummingbirds

Would you like to attract hummingbirds to your yard or garden?  Hummingbirds are attracted to flowers, shrubs, vines and trees.  Below is a list of  flowers, shrubs, vines, and trees that hummingbirds are attracted to. Note: none of these need to be red in color, although the color red is attractive to hummingbirds.

If in doubt as to whether any of the following will flourish in your area, please check with us!

Flowers:    Cardinal Flower,  Lantana, Columbine,  Fuchsias, Impatiens, Coral-Bells, Hollyhocks, Penstemen, Petunia, Flowering Tobacco, Geranium, Begonia

Shrubs: Azaleas, Butterfly Bush, Flowering Quince,  Honeysuckle,  Weigela

Trees: Flowering Crab, Tulip Poplar, Locust,  Eucalyptus, Vines Honeysuckle,  Morning Glory.  Trumpet Creeper, Trumpet Honeysuckle