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Bayer Pest Control

Bayer Pest ControlArk Country Store offers a great line of Bayer Pest Control products.

Bayer Tempo SC Ultra Pest Control Concentrate kills up to 60 insects, and protects barns, horse stables and other animal quarters from invading pests. This concentrate is safe to use inside buildings as a spot, crack or crevice treatment.

QuickBayt Fly Bait controls nuisance flies in or around horse stables and livestock facilities. This pellet formula is ready to use and scatter to lure flies and kill them.
QuickBayt Fly Spot Spray can be applied on virtually any surface in and around poultry houses, hutches, coops and recreational farms and rural environments where house flies congregate. Spray on a variety of surfaces such as walls, posts, beams, ceilings and other areas where flies tend to rest.  The best results occur when the product is applied to many locations in or around the facility.
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