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Big Country Farm Toys

Big Country Farm Toys Keep the kids off the naughty list with fun toys from Big Country Farm Toys. Shop our selection of farm, ranch & rodeo sets including the PRCA Prorodeo selection. 

Big Country Farm Toys is a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of 1:20 scale farm toys and rodeo figures that are both playable and collectible. These pretend play figures and animals have a whole line of accessories and vehicles for endless hours of farm-time playing and rodeo play time.

Rodeo personalities include figures from PRCA and PBR, such as Asteroid, Bushwacker, and the Challenge of the Champions legend Lane Frost & Red Rock.

To complete the rodeo and farm toy sets, we have a growing line of farm animals and toy ranch accessories. Big Country Toys develops several new items annually to add to your our collection, including the PBR’s annual bull of the year. 

This year’s hottest toy is the Bouncy Bull and the NPR Chute.