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Candice’s Corner: What should you feed your deer this season?

While most producers understand the value of supplemental feeding, some still select corn as the primary feed source for their deer because it is relatively weather-resistant. Unfortunately, corn does not have the core nutrients necessary to provide the proper nutrition for deer or to grow large antlers. To solve this problem, the Purina Mills team developed WaterShield® Technology for their Deer Chow pellets.
WaterShield® is an exclusive process that enables the pellets to repel all types of moisture, making them virtually impervious to bad weather. Extensive Purina Mills research has shown that WaterShield® Technology does not affect the feed’s palatability and ensures high consumption of AntlerMax® Technology, because deer will eat the pellets once they have dried out.
Deer producers often wrestle with clogged feeders as regular pellets become mushy and waterlogged from exposure to moisture. By making the pellets water resistant, they can remain free-flowing in both gravity and spin feeders, resulting in less labor in cleaning feeders, less wasted feed, and less likelihood that deer will go without feed because of a blocked feeder.
Source: Purina Wildlife