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Cattle Mineral Considerations & Tips

When making a mineral selection decision, work with your Purina dealer to think through these additional considerations based on your herd’s specific needs: 

Cattle Mineral Considerations & Tips. Purina Wind and Rain MineralsSeasonality: Spring calving cows have different nutrition requirements than fall calving cows. Also, spring grass is lusher and may warrant providing additional magnesium to limit grass tetany in the herd. 

Fly Control: How far north or south you’re located can make a big difference on when to start and stop feeding Purina Wind and Rain fly Control mineral. A good rule is to feed 30 days before the last spring frost through 30 days after the last fall frost. 

Breeding Management: More intensive breeding systems like artificial insemination and embryo transfer require the herd to be in a better shape reproductively. Providing a mineral with higher trace mineral bioavailability, such as Purina Wind and Rain ProCycle mineral, is advised in these situations to meet their needs. 

Bags versus Tubs: You can choose between Wind and Rain loose bagged mineral or Wind and Rain mineral tubs. Loose bags are easier to handle and offer more flexibility in delivery to the cattle. Mineral tubs often require less labor and provide more consistent intakes. It all comes down to personal preference.