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Customer Spotlight: Gerald Van Zandt


Gerald Van ZandtArk Country Store’s February Customer Spotlight features Gerald and Lou Van Zandt, 36-year residents of Ellis County. The Van Zandts are familiar with ranch life having raised Santa Gertrudis Cattle, American Paint Horses, sheep, and goats. Currently they raise pheasants, doves, and pigeons, a hobby of Mr. Van Zandt for the past 60 years. 

A longtime supporter of Agricultural Education in Ellis County, Van Zandt has dedicated time to speak to 4th graders on Ag Appreciation Day at the Ellis County Expo Center on how to raise chickens. He loves teaching local youth about the agriculture industry, he knows that they are the leaders of tomorrow. A member of the Ellis County Master Gardeners Association for ten years, Mr. Van Zandt is a Master Naturalist and a Lifetime Member of the Texas Poultry Hall of Fame at Texas A&M.

Mr. Van Zandt feeds his birds Purina Pigeon Chow Checkers, Purina Layena Pellets and Purina Regional Recipe bird seed. Purina Pigeon Chow Checkers is specially formulated for pigeons and provides them with the adequate amount of nutrients to maintain a healthy body and to keep their feathers in excellent condition. Purina Layena Pellets is a 16% protein feed that includes oyster shell. The oyster shell stays in the bird’s digestive tract longer and gives the bird a source of calcium to strengthen their egg shells. Formulated for wild birds, Purina Regional Recipe is a mixture of millet, cracked corn, milo, and black sunflower seeds. A loyal supporter of Purina feeds, Mr. Van Zandt has been feeding Purina products since he was 20 years old. When asked why he chooses to feed Purina feeds he said, “Purina Feeds are the best feed around. They have the perfect amount of nutrients to keep my birds looking happy and healthy.”

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