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Customer Spotlight – Southern Whitetail Ranch

Southern Whitetail Ranch in Maypearl, TX is a whitetail operation focused on breeding a better overall animal with great genetics including shooter bucks, breeder bucks or higher genetic does. Learn more about this Ark Country Store customer in the video below.

My name is Jacob Fincher. I currently manage Southern Whitetails located in Maypearl, Texas. Currently, we have about a hundred individuals. Our goal overall is to raise a better animal whether it be better genetics, shooter bucks, breeder bucks, some higher genetic does, that’s kind of the whole goal. So, what we do is go around and choose pick and choose from pedigrees and bloodlines we believe kind of work best for what we want to do. Other than that, then we’ve got to provide the environment. That’s where our feeding, the way we handle our deer, the whole environment we put them in to create the phenotype we’re looking for.

One of the biggest deals for breeding deer, in general, is looking for the best genetics that you can find. The way you kind of highlight those genetics and get the phenotype you want is your feeding program and what you’re putting into that animal every single day. I choose Purina products AntlerMax, Extreme Energy, Breeder 16, 20 or texture, that’s kind of the way we’ve gone for the last three to four years and it seems like it’s really taking this our whole breeding to another level. As far as choosing high-end genetics and to get that full effect, the phenotype, whether we’re looking for a shooter buck, we’re looking for breeders, or high-end does or does are going to take care of their fawns and increase their milk production, we’ve got to put the groceries in front of them that are going to highlight what we want. AntlerMax is definitely what we choose. We’ve had great luck putting weight on deer that are high-strung and constantly lose weight. It seems to just kick them right back in gear, all the way down to just hard maintainers. Even does that are having triplets and are really having trouble with their milk production, AntlerMax seems to help go right along with the program we’re looking for whether, like I said, taking care of animals or highlighting that phenotype of the genetics that we’ve chosen. I like to use Ark Country Store just a simple fact, they make it a whole lot easier on me. Whether I can just text the guys and let them know what I want, it’s always there, everything. If I can’t pick it up, they’ll deliver it for me and they just kind of make the whole world a lot easier when I’m worried about things like EHD CWD and trying to take care of these guys, they make it easier just to get my feed here or meds or whatever else I need. Like I said, they just kind of make that whole process a lot quicker and a lot faster, which is what I need especially when I spend more of my time out here.

Thank you Southern Whitetails for being a valued customer! We appreciate all of our customers at Ark Country Store! Come see us for all of your wildlife needs today.