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Earth-Kind Low Volume Irrigation

EK-color-screen-logoEfficient irrigation is one of the key Earth-Kind practices for conserving water in the landscape. Low volume irrigation systems, (drip or trickle irrigation) are among the most effective means of achieving significant water savings. Despite the tremendous potential for water conservation, these systems are not widely used in residential landscapes.

Like conventional overhead irrigation systems, low-volume systems require proper design, installation, maintenance and operation for optimum water savings and plant performance.

The primary design goal of a low volume system is to apply water to a uniform soil depth, either directly to the plant root zone or in a limited area. Water is delivered at or below the surface of the planted area versus the surface of the planted area. Most low volume irrigation systems are installed at or near the surface of the landscape area and are covered with two to three inches of mulch. Typically, this type of installation requires less time and cost that a conventional overhead system. This has been shown to be the most effective tool for maximizing water use efficient in the landscape.

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Source: Ellis County Master Gardeners