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Equine Senior Feed Helps 32 Year-old Mare Continue to Win

In Crockett, Texas, Scott Lucas has not only passed down the practice of successful horse showmanship to his children, but they continue the winning tradition with the same horse their dad began showing in the mid-1980s.Scott started showing Miss Cutter Bug in 4-H states shows with success in Halter, Showmanship and Western Showmanship. Then, he continued on in high school rodeos and college competitions. Then, Miss Cutter Bug received a break until the Lucas children were old enough to begin competing.
“I think it’s fantastic to see a horse have an off season and then come back and do as well as it did before,” Texas Purina Sales Representative Jeff Conner said. “It just shows that our feeds do a pretty good job with all the technology put into it.”
For the past five years, Miss Cutter Bug has been fed Purina® Equine Senior® horse feed. A few years ago, when Scott’s mother bought an older horse that was younger than his, he realized just how in shape Miss Cutter Bug remained.“He just couldn’t believe that a younger horse didn’t look near as good as his and that the kids were still showing it and winning like it was before,” Conner said.
The future of Miss Cutter Bug’s show days will continue until the horse doesn’t show as well, but when asked if he had ever seen success like this before with an older mare, Conner simply replied, “No, this is definitely a first for me.”