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Exclusive Pet Food Customer Testimonial

Harley, Rascal, & Peek-A-Boo
Photo courtesy of Kathy Smith

Our dogs are truly treated like royalty.  They are like children to us.  We appreciate their unconditional love and devotion.  Through the years we’ve tried many types of dog food, including the “breed specific” brand that has a picture of a Chihuahua right on the package.  Then about 3 years ago someone suggested we try Exclusive.  Finally, a healthy, quality food that our “triplets” love and that we can afford.  At Thanksgiving I thought I’d give them a special treat, so I added a pouch of moist dog food on top of their Exclusive.  I couldn’t believe it when they ate the Exclusive that was underneath and left the rest.  I guess to them eating Exclusive is a treat.

Our oldest got arthritis and eventually got where he could hardly get around.  I had to carry him up and down the stairs.  Then someone recommended we try Exclusive for mature dogs.  It has glucosamine chondroitant in it.  We were shocked at the difference it made.  He was back to running, jumping, and playing like he was a puppy again.  It was amazing.

I guess you can tell we are avid Exclusive customers, as are our babies, Harley, Rascal, and Peek-A-Boo.  I know there are lots of options out there, but why would we quit a winner?

Thank you.

Kathy Smith