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Exclusive Signature with Comfort Care Pet Food

Purina Exclusive Signature Dry Dog FoodsExclusive pet food has a new look and updates, Exclusive Signature with Comfort Care pet food. 

Every day is a new adventure, and when our pets are healthy and feeling great, they are prepared for anything that comes their way. That’s why we designed our exclusive Comfort CareTM digestive health blend to be packed full of scientifically-studied ingredients that support a healthy digestive system from multiple directions. So whatever tomorrow brings, your pet will be ready.

Benefits of a Healthy Digestive System

Good health starts with healthy digestion. A balanced microbial population in the intestinal tract and strong, well-functioning organs are crucially important to a pet’s overall health and wellbeing today, and for all the days to come.

How Comfort CareTM Blend Supports Digestive Health

Digestive health is complex, and there is no single ingredient or nutrient that can keep it in balance. The complete nutrition and highly digestible ingredients in every Exclusive® pet food are a great start, but we believe in doing more for your pet’s health.

That’s why we include so many digestive support ingredients in our exclusive Comfort CareTM blend. Each ingredient was chosen by our Ph.D. nutritionists for its proven support of an important element of digestive health.

  • Fermentable Fiber from beet pulp provides food for beneficial microorganisms in the intestinal tract and helps support well-formed stools—a sign of good digestive health.
  • Chicory Root and our Exclusive Yeast provide additional prebiotic food that helps optimize a balanced microbial population in the digestive system and has been shown in studies to support immune health.
  • Probiotics help the gastrointestinal tract maintain the optimal amount of beneficial microorganisms to support a balanced microbial population.

Available Exclusive Signature with Comfort Care Pet Food Formulas:

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