Ark Country Store

Fertilizers Available at Ark Country Store

Reggie Underwood talks about a couple of FERTILIZER options available at both Ark Country Store locations!
*Both of these are specifically formulated for Ellis County soils.

Hey guys! It’s Reggie Underwood at Ark Country Store and I want to talk a little bit about today about cleaning up your grass and the lawn, maybe on your acreage or even on your hay meadow. At Ark Country Store, we formulated some products that are specifically for Ellis County. There are other products that you’ll see like this on the shelf and other stores, but we’ve added sulfur to this to maximize the utilization of the nutrients and get more bang for your buck. You can see the buck cost right there.

The other thing here at the Ark Country Store, if you’re liking to grow hay and you’ve got horses, or cattle, or some kind of livestock and you want a dark green meadow, utilize this product right here. We can infer,  if you guys are do-it-yourselfers, we can do this with this dry product and a spreader that you can pull behind your pickup or your tractor. Talk to Austin or myself about us custom applying those acres for you to maximize your green grass whether you’re running it through a horse or bailing it through a baler. Thank you for doing business for Ark Country Store.