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Getting to Know Purina® Noble Goat® Range Cube 20


Noble Goat® Range Cube 20 is a large pelleted supplement formulated for the optimum growth, development and maintenance of goats. It is designed to meet the needs of goats on range or pasture and delivers the nutrition and performance you expect. The ingredients found in all Noble Goat® products are carefully selected based on Purina’s expert research, so you know that you’re getting quality, productivity and value in each bag.

Nutritionally balanced—Provides high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to enhance performance on range or pasture

Goat-specific mineral fortification—Balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio helps to meet the exacting needs of goats

Palatable—high quality ingredients assure top performance and acceptability to goats

“Cube” feed form—easy to handle and manage with large acreage or large herds

Remember that feed consumption will vary with life stage, environment and activity. Also, be sure adequate amounts of fresh, clean water are always available. This product is available regionally, so check with your Purina dealer for ordering details.