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J & S Cattle Company, Customer Spotlight

J & S Cattle Company

J & S Cattle Company, located in Waxahachie, TX, is owned by Steve Loftis and family. A Texas A&M graduate, Mr. Loftis is a 4th generation cattle buyer, working more than 40 years in the cattle industry. 
J & S Cattle Company is primarily a stocker operation that grazes on ryegrass, oats and wheat pasture and preconditions the cattle in Waxahachie, TX. Finishing takes place in Kansas at the grazing facilities and auction occurs in July or August.  Mr. Loftis runs commercial cross cattle but prefers easy-to-handle Holstein steers while managing this operation by himself. 
A customer of Ark Country Store since 2007, J & S Cattle are fed Purina Preconditioning feed. “We use Purina feeds from Ark Country Store”, says Loftis. “The folks at Ark Country Store are always helpful, and they take good care of me and my cattle.”
Stop by Ark Country Store for all your cattle feed, supplement and equipment needs. We appreciate all our loyal customers!