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Johnston Farms – Ark Country Store Customer Spotlight

Hi, I’m Luke Johnston I’m fourth-generation farmer. We have about 7,000 acres of cultivated land where we primarily grow wheat, corn, cotton, soybeans, and sunflowers. Wheat goes in the ground, depending on its use, in the latter part of September and through October and the beginning of November and usually comes out about the mid part of May. We try to finish up the harvest at the beginning part of June.

Through school, and even into my college career, we showed brangus cattle, where we had tremendous success through the state shows and national shows across the United States. We showed many national champion females and even got into the bull shows toward my college career. Out of school, we’ve kind of more focused on the commercial end, where we run about 700 commercial females along with the farming operation.

As a farmer and rancher, my goal for Johnston Farms is to leave a legacy and leave a positive impact on the Ag Industry.

Thank you, Johnston Farms, for letting us share a day in the life of your operations to share your story. We appreciate all our customers. Stop by Ark Country Store for cattle feed, ranch supplies, and supplements. We look forward to seeing you soon!