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June Gardening Tips

  • Don’t neglect the veggies you’ve planted.
  • Prune plants to maintain size and control odd shape growth.
  • Plant crape myrtles while in bloom from nursery stock.  They would rather be in the ground than in containers-keep them well watered.
  • Plant lawn grass sod.  It should look fresh and recently dug.  It will need water twice a day.
  • Deadhead all blooming plants and fertilize sparingly.  Clean up container plantings by removing dead leaves and flowers.
  • Pinch off flowers, including herbs that are going to seed to encourage re-blooming and additional foliage.
  • Keep berried plants well hydrated.
  • On a hot afternoon, wilting is a sign of stress.  It may be from lack of moisture or that a plant cannot take up available moisture in the soil through its roots.  Wait until morning.  If the plant is still wilting, it needs water.