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Lawn Pest Control: Mosquitos, Fleas & Fire Ants

The recent rain has stirred up pests and bugs, you’re probably seeing them out in force.  If fleas, ticks, mosquitos and fire ants are a problem, Ark Country Store has a number of lawn pest control products to help you get ahead of them!

Texas has already reported a threat of West Nile virus. Take preventative action now to eliminate mosquitoes and their larvae. Remove all standing water, place mosquito dunks in birdbaths and rain barrels.  Skeeter Screen granule formula is an all-natural DEET Free Deterrent we offer at Ark Country Store. We also carry Mosquito Dunks, the Skeeter Screen Patio Egg, Personal Spray and the Patio Candle to ward off mosquitos from your outdoor spaces and off you!

Apply insect killing sprays to your yard now. We recommend Tempo SC Ultra or Tengard for lawns. These insecticides kill many pests including flies, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and more. You can use this product indoors or outdoors. During the month of June 2017, buy a bottle of Tempo SC Ultra or Tengard and receive a Chaplin 1 Gallon Sprayer free at Ark Country Store locations.

Adams Plus Yard Spray is also a good option and comes with a convenient hose-end sprayer. It contains permethrin to kill fleas, ticks, mosquitos, ants and crickets on lawns, yards, flowers and shrubs for up to four weeks. For an all-natural pest control, use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth that is safe for all pets. After you add an insecticide or all natural control product to your lawn, apply flea and tick products to your pets to keep the pests from invading your pet’s fur and indoors.

Ark Country Store offers a variety of flea control products including; Martin’s FLEE Dip and Martin’s FLEE Topical Treatment Plus IGR for Dogs, Frontline plus for dogs and cats, Spectra Shield collar medallions, All ADAMS Flea products. Come by and shield your pets today!

Fire ants, those nasty biting creatures.  Treat mounds with Surrender fire ant killer. This product begins killing ants within minutes of application. Apply of 1-2 teaspoons per mound for season-long protection from fire ants as well as harvester ants. For best results, apply Surrender in the morning or late evening, when ants are most active.

Stop by your local Ark Country Store today for pet control of your pet or lawn this year. Have questions? Give us a call at 972-937-8860.