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Local Pet Stories: A dog’s new knee

Local resident Kelly Nuzum recently shared a story about her dog Roscoe with Ark Country Store employee Austin Arms.

Kelly Nuzum of Red Oak, Texas and her ten-year-old dog Roscoe are two peas in a pod. Roscoe was abandoned as a pup, left outside the door of a local dog grooming business. A friend told Kelly about the pup and soon “Roscoe” became part of the family.

Friendly and playful, Roscoe spent his days swimming in the pond and running around their property. One day Kelly noticed he was limping and favoring his left hind leg. A trip to the vet discovered that Roscoe tore his ACL and would need surgery to reconnect the ligament to the knee. The surgery repaired the ligament, but left Roscoe with a knee he could not bend, and a limp that was treated with daily pain medications. Without the medication Roscoe would return to limping.

Last year, during a visit to a Home & Garden Expo, Kelly meet Reggie Underwood, a Purina Mills feed dealer and owner of Ark Country Store in Waxahachie. Reggie encouraged Kelly to try Exclusive Chicken & Rice Senior Formula for Roscoe’s knee problems. The added glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate included in the formula could assist the joint problem.

Within 2 months Roscoe was off the daily pain medication, bending his knee and back to his frisky, younger self. “He’s a new dog,” says Kelly, “back to running around the yard and swimming in the pond.”

Kelly no longer buys pain medication for Roscoe, instead he has an assortment of “toys” he chases down the hall and around the house. He happily retrieves and lies easily at Kelly’s side with his knee in a bent position. “Changing feeds changed Roscoe’s life,” says Kelly. She continues to feed Exclusive Chicken & Rice Senior formula to Roscoe, “because it works.”