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Mesquite Control With Sendero Herbicide

mesquite control solutionsMesquite control is a major brush problem on Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico rangeland. That’s because it’s well-suited to hot, dry climates, with a deep taproot, which draws water during lengthy droughts that wipe out more desirable plants.As a result, getting rid of mesquite can consume a lot of time and money. Hand sprays and mechanical methods are highly labor intensive. Many herbicides affect only top growth, promoting even thicker regrowth from the basal bud zone. Mechanical methods often damage grass cover and can cause lasting damage to the native plant community.

Years of research show that Sendero herbicide provides control at more than 10 percentage points over a mixture of Remedy® Ultra and Reclaim® herbicides, which has been the industry standard for mesquite control for 25 years.

Plus, it’s the most consistent chemical control of mesquite ever. In the same aerial trials, control with Sendero was nearly 40 percent more consistent than a mixture of Remedy Ultra and Reclaim.

RemedyUltralogoRemedy® Ultra herbicide provides flexible, all-purpose brush control with a nonrestricted use label and without residual activity. It is the producer’s choice for Individual Plant Treatments.
Sendero performs differently than other herbicides. Sendero translocates to the roots and underground bud zone morequickly and completely than other products. You’ll notice it doesn’t burn foliage as fast. Plus, Sendero causes no long-term forb shock from applications beyond the first year. Yet it provides a residual activity to control later-emerging broadleaf weed species, including invasive thistles, broomweed, croton and bitter sneezeweed, within the application season.

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Source: Dow Agrosciences