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Migrating Hummingbirds

Don’t pack up your nectar feeders just yet. Hummingbirds are beginning their fall migration.

Here in the south we have about month more before the migration starts.  Want to estimate the number of hummingbirds using your feeders during migration?  Multiply each hummingbird you see by 5. Have 10 at your feeder, 50 are passing thru your yard!

There is no need to take down nectar feeders to make sure hummingbirds migrate. They innately know when it is time to move and where to go.  Nectar feeders can be a big help, they supplement hummingbirds’ much-needed energy for migration or overwintering. Remember to keep the nectar fresh and offer a mix of four parts water with one part sugar.

How do you know when hummingbirds are gone? Leave your feeder up until you see no activity for at least two weeks and the nectar level is not dropping anymore.

How many hummingbirds so you see?