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Mossback Fish Rack Attractor

Create your very own fish habitat with the Mossback Fish Rack for only $74.99!  Sold in lengths of 5 feet, you can stack several Mossback Fish Racks together for a durable, fish-holding structure. Trunk and limbs are 100% recycled PVC, and won`t erode over time.

Unlike cedar and pine trees, Mossback Fish Racks don`t require bulky concrete weights, so you move them from boat dock to boat dock as you please. Each unit comes with 12 branches and a stainless steel cable for easy rigging. All components fit inside the hollow trunk for easy portability that won`t scratch up your boat. Interstitial spacing leaves enough room for big bass to feel secure, while the roughed-up PVC provides an ideal texture for growing algae.

Baitfish swim freely in and out of the hollow trunk, enticing bass and crappie to nest nearby. Boasting nearly 7,000 square inches of surface area, Mossback Fish Racks have long been a favorite of state and local agencies looking to enhance fish populations. Try one out today!