Ark Country Store

New Horse Feed From Purina Mills

Ark Country Store is pleased to announce two new store products for your horse, Purina Ultium Growth Horse Formula and Purina Strategy Healthy Edge.

Purina® Ultium® Growth Horse Formula is a super-premium, high-fat, high-fiber horse feed researched and formulated specifically for broodmares and young growing horses. Backed by scientific research spanning over four years monitoring and measuring growth curves, body condition, joint health, activity levels, blood work and more, this unique, industry-leading nutrition supports the development, growth and adaptive physiology necessary to produce a strong, healthy, athletic horse.


  • Is a Unique Formulation High in Fat and Fiber for Broodmares and Growing Horses
  • Helps Mares Maintain Ideal Body Weight and Body Condition During Lactation
  • Supports Steady, Consistent Foal Growth and Development

Purina Strategy Healthy Edge

First launched in 1991, Purina® Strategy® GX horse feed revolutionized equine nutrition by becoming the first advanced
feeding system created for all ages and lifestyles of horses at a professional horse operation. Almost 20 years and 600 million
feedings later, it is still the gold standard in convenience, quality, value and performance for horse professionals.

At Purina, our job is never done. We’re continually researching, testing and developing the industry’s finest equine nutrition.
Backed by extensive physiology and palatability studies at our Equine Research Facility in Gray Summit, MO and rigorous
feeding trials across the U.S., the Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists at Purina developed Strategy® Healthy Edge® horse feed. This
premium nutrition is formulated precisely for horse lovers who desire the convenience, value, quality and performance of
original Strategy® GX horse feed but in a diet lower in protein and higher in fat and fiber.

Purina® Strategy® Healthy Edge® horse feed is a high-fat, nutritionally balanced, controlled starch and sugar diet with enhanced great taste researched and  formulated to support the health and well-being of adult horses aged 2 years and older. It’s top nutrition to help give your horses a shiny coat, full body condition and strong hooves without the added calories that can make easy keepers obese.