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New Wind and Rain Storm™ Minerals- Improved Resistance to the Elements

Purina’s Wind and Rain Minerals just got better.

The New Wind and Rain Storm Minerals have been enhanced to resist moisture even better than Wind and Rain Minerals- reducing the clumping by 85 percent over previous formulas.

“The new formula is much more water resistant,” said Rod Nulik, Director, Production Livestock Marketing and Cattle and Business Leader for Land O’Lakes Purina. “It sheds moisture, so water finds its way through the minerals rather than sitting on top and causing clumping and spoilage.”

“Minerals only accomplish their purpose if they get into the cow. For that to happen, they have to palatable,” Nulik explained. “Wet, spoiled or hardened clumps simply aren’t palatable to the cow, so we put our efforts into improving the formula to eliminate those problems.”

Conventional mineral particles are so small that they often blow out of the feeder, Nulik remarked. And, they won’t allow water to pass through them. The new Wind and Rain Storm Mineral formula, on the other hand, consists of larger particles that stay put- and allow the water to pass right through.

The new formula, of course, continues to offer the same consistent intake you have come to expect, while providing balanced mineral nutrition to optimize herd health and breedback rates. It is also important to note that, while the new Storm™ technology resists water, digestion is not affected. As with all Purina products, extensive testing was done to assure your cattle continue to receive the high-quality nutrient value you expect for your herd.

Purina Wind and Rain Storm™ Minerals are available in specific regions now, and will be distributed nationally by early 2013. To see how impervious these minerals are to wind and rain, visit your local Purina dealer or talk to your local representative. To view a demonstration online, just visit .