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Nitrogen Protection on Improved Pastures-NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager

With today’s high cattle prices, ensuring proper nutrition for improved pastures can mean positive returns. Pasture nutrient content determines gain on calves, cow body condition and hay quality.

Charlie Carter, SFP’s Texas Oklahoma Regional Account Manager explains how nitrogen fertilization plays a key role in successful pasture management.

“Nitrogen is directly related to protein content in forages. Higher protein content equates to better quality forage, benefiting the producer grazing livestock or the producer purchasing hay.”  

Carter states, “One of the biggest challenges with surface applied urea and UAN is that it is highly susceptible to loss. If we experience a lack of precipitation, nitrogen is at serious risk of volatilizing.”

“With our varying weather patterns in Texas, we may also encounter extended periods of heavy rain. Under these conditions, topdressed nitrogen can leach below the root zone.”

Carter explains that adding NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager to a topdress application is like adding an insurance policy to your program.

“NutriSphere-N reduces leaching and volatilization, providing flexibility in timing of application and keeping more nitrogen in a usable form for your pasture, when it needs it.”

Carter adds, “Cattle prices may be high, but so is the price of nitrogen. It’s important for producers to protect their nitrogen investment in order for them to get the biggest bang for their buck.”     

To see research trials and learn more about NutriSphere-N visit or contact:

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