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Plant Your Biodegradable Pots

bonnie plantsBonnie Plants come in a biodegradable pot. What you may not know is that they aren’t that way just for recycling purposes. These pots are made from all-natural materials used to supplement garden soils and as ingredients in premium potting mixes. The pots are designed to help prevent transplant shock by allowing the roots to remain intact from container to soil so that plants make an easier transition to the garden. So don’t take new plants out of the pot, but plant it! Just remove and recycle the plastic label, then tear off the bottom and rim of the pot and drop them into the planting hole. As the pot disintegrates it becomes part of the soil. Roots grow through the pot, too.

We have a great selection of Bonnie Plants here on the porch at Ark Country Store. Stop by and get started on your gardening project today.