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Prep Your Pad for Fall Feathered Friends

Fall migration is a great time for birders. We tend to see more birds mainly because birds born in spring and summer are now heading south with all the other birds. Migration is also a time for us bird watchers to notice varieties we normally do not see. Because of the hurricane season, these strong winds often bring in those tropical species and birds alike.
Cardinals, blue jays, titmice, and Carolina chickadees (just to name a few) we consider our year-round birds, but other birds migrate in the colder months. Both groups need a place to rest, refuel, and rehydrate – we can help by planting a few bird-friendly trees and shrubs. Below is the Wild Bird Journal top ten list. These shrubs and trees provide editable berries and shelter for our feathered friends while at the same time creating lots of brilliant autumn colors to boost backyard appearances.

Cameo flowering quince bush
Japanese flowering dogwood tree
Arrowwood viburnum
Evergreen holly
Cranberry bush viburnum
Winterberry holly
Viking black choke berry
Sumac shrub
Red chokeberry
Blackhaw viburnum

Don’t forget the water! Birds need something to drink as well. There are various types of bird baths on the market.
With all of these great prep ideas, birds are sure to spend some time in your backyard sanctuary. These fall feathered friends will be landing in our backyards any day now, so get your binoculars ready!