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Bryant Grain 16% Lay Krumble

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  • January 27, 2017
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Bryant Grain’s 16% Lay Krumble is a 16% protein ration designed to be fed to poultry in egg production. It is a blend of high quality grains and all natural vegetable protein to promote optimum egg production during laying production. Crumble form for birds that prefer small feed particles.

Complete feed for poultry in egg production.


*Fortified with Zinpro Performance Minerals® to improve immunity, egg production, eggshell integrity and bone integrity.
*16% Lay Krumble is a complete and balanced ration. No other supplementation is required.
*Fortified with Lysine and Methionine to help maximize egg production.
*High levels of Calcium to help produce quality eggs.
*Vitamin and Mineral fortified.
*All-Natural Botanical Products to improve consumption and overall health of all birds.

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