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Purina Honor Show Under Control 11 TXT

Purina Honor Show Under Control 11 TXT 50-lb bag

Designed for when you have one at “12 o’clock” and don’t want to get to 12:30, Under Control® is formulated with NO corn, NO beet pulp, and is high in fiber and roughage making it perfect for heifers and steers that need to be “cooled down”. The protein to energy ratio has been widened and added bypass protein sources incorporated to maintain muscle shape and help avoid a dull, deflated look during a period of reduced energy intake.

  • Low fat, high fiber Holding Ration
  • NO Corn, NO Beet Pulp formula
  • Specific blend of proteins to avoid muscle atrophy during periods of weight management

Purina Honor Show Under Control 11 TXT is a REGIONAL product and is not available in all markets nationally.

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