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Purina Amplify High-Fat Horse Supplement

purina amplifyThroughout history, the ability to pick up and move to “greener pastures” has permitted generations of horses to thrive on forages. Total freedom and mobility has meant they naturally received nutritional variety from the vastly different geographic areas they frequented.

But today’s horses are typically limited to a single type of forage in one geographic area. Pastures in the same area or even different sections of the same pasture can have inconsistent nutrient values. Grains like oats and corn can also have variable amounts of protein, minerals and vitamins. So horses need your help to achieve the nutritional balance they once derived naturally.

That’s Where Amplify Supplement Comes in.

Thanks to extensive research and field testing, Purina has learned how certain nutritional advantages can help horses be more active and productive during their lifetimes–even with the added stresses of training regimens and performance expectations.

Purina Amplify Supplement is a high-fat, low-starch extruded particle providing calories for weight gain, performance, lactation and sales prep in a nutritionally balanced formulation. It is available in a 30 lb bucket.

Amplify Supplement Benefits:

  • Balanced nutritional fortification
  • Extruded particle for easy digestion and calorie absorption
  • Added antioxidant Vitamin E needed by exercising horses
  • 30% fat from soy oil, flax seed and rice bran helps promote healthy hair coat and helps maintain stamina and endurance
  • No Trans-fats
  • Favorable Omega 3:6 fatty acid ratio helps to support the immune system
  • Added amino acids help promote healthy hair coats, skin and hooves
  • Lower starch provides less fluctuation in blood sugar
  • Calorie dense formula provides more calories per mouthful, allowing you to feed less

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Source: Purina Mills