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Purina Beef Calf Starters with RX3 Immune Support Technology

Purina Beef Calf Starters with RX3 Immune Support TechnologyPurina Animal Nutrition introduces a new era of Purina® beef calf starter feeds, now with the revolutionary RX3 Immune Support Technology. The unique formula is the most comprehensive solution rooted in nutrition addressing weaning-time stressors and respiratory challenges head-on.

“Respiratory challenges affect one out of every five head[1]and cost the beef industry about $1 billion annually,”[2],[3]says Ron Scott, Ph.D. and beef technical innovation director with Purina Animal Nutrition. “It’s time to change the statistics, and it’s why we’re introducing RX3 Immune Support Technology to all Purina® starter feeds.”

RX3 Immune Support Technology is a precise combination of prebiotics, probiotics and plant extracts. The first-of-its-kind technology works by preparing calves’ natural defense, for an improved response to stress and respiratory challenges.

“Purina® starters with RX3 Immune Support Technology do more than provide high-quality nutrition,” says Scott. “Our research shows the technology primes a calf’s immune system, so the calf can better recognize health challenges and bounce back quickly. Keeping calves healthy means less time and money invested in reacting to health challenges, putting more potential dollars back in producers’ pockets.”

RX3 Immune Support Technology is supported by research that started in 2015, seven studies and third-party research partners, including USDA-ARS, University of Minnesota and North Dakota State University.[4],[5]

Research demonstrated calves fed Purina® starters with RX3 Immune Support Technology gained, on average, 6 pounds more than the control group within a 30-day period.The same research showed calves were more uniform because fewer calves were poor performers. Plus, calves achieved a more consistent average daily gain compared to control calves.6

RX3 Immune Support Technology is exclusively available in Purina® starter feeds, including Purina®Precon® CompletePurina® Accuration® Starter feeds and Purina® Stress Care® Supplement feeds.

Ask your local dealer for Purina® starters with RX3 Immune Support Technology or to learn more.

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