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Purina High Octane Supplements

Purina High Octane family of show supplements High Octane Supplements are available at Ark Country Store. Are you finishing out your show project for the Ellis County Youth Expo?  Consider Purina High Octane supplements from Purina. Ark Country Store can help you raise a champion in the show ring.  Come see us for Purina Show Feeds & Supplements.

High Octane® Champion Drive™ Topdress (30lb)

  • Cutting-edge nutrition for the ultimate Show look
  • Highly palatable
  • Power-packed ingredients to unleash full potential


High Octane® Power Fuel® Topdress (30lb)

  • Highly Palatable
  • Essential Fatty Acids: For the Overall Health & Look of Your Show Animal
  • Contains Tasco®: Important During Periods of Stress

High Octane® Fitter 35® Topdress (30lb)

  • High protein supplement for all species and classes of Show animals
  • Helps support lean tissue growth
  • No added copper – can be fed to sheep
  • Helps with muscle development – all species
  • Can be used as a complete feed for pigs when managing weight gain

High Octane® Depth Charge® Supplement (25lb)

  • Highly palatable
  • Helps promote a full physical appearance
  • Can be fed to all Show livestock species
  • Helps keep animals fuller when limit feeding

High Octane® Heavy Weight® Topdress (20lb)

  • Extremely palatable high fat supplement
  • Supplemental energy for all species
  • Helps soften muscle and promotes healthy hair and skin