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  • 2019 Ellis County Youth Expo

    The 2019 Ellis County Youth Expo kicks off Sunday, March 24 and runs through Saturday, March 30, 2019. See the schedule of events below. For entry ...

  • Show Pig Supplement Options

    Getting ready for your next show? Ark Country Store has several shop pig supplement options to consider. Our knowledgeable staff ...

  • Cattle Winter Nutrition

    Taking shortcuts on your cattle's nutrition during the winter months could risk next year’s calf crop, this year’s ...

  • Body Condition Scores for Deer

    How to measure Body Condition Scores for Deer Body Condition Scoring allows you to monitor the health and condition of ...

  • Preparing Your Flock for Winter

    Shorter days and colder nights are just around the corner. No matter what type of poultry you're raising, the steps ...

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