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Featured Customer Spotlight: Slickhorn Productions

Slickhorn Productions LLC is owned and operated by Chris Maddox. Comprised of more than 100 head of Corriente cattle, Slickhorn Productions is a team roping operation.

Chris is also the Associate Pastor at the Cowboy Church of ElSlickhorn Productionslis County and leader of the Team Roping Ministry for the past 14 years. The Corriente cattle are used to spread the Gospel through the roping community that attends these events at the church. Many people have come to Christ through the roping ministry.

Chris chooses to feed the roping cattle Purina Preconditioning feed, Purina Cattle Cubes, and ACS Texas Cattle Creep Textured. Along with these feeds, the roping cattle also receive Purina Wind and Rain Mineral Tubs with fly control, which helps stress from biting flies.

“My favorite thing about Ark Country Store is the customer service”; says Maddox. “It’s a one-stop shop for me; the service keeps you coming back, cause if they don’t have what you need, they will get it.”

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