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Spring Fertilizer

Spring FertilizerReady to fertilize your lawn, trees, and flower beds? ACS has you covered this spring. We offer bagged and bulk fertilizer; whether you need an acre’s worth or a smaller amount, we can meet your individual needs. We sell fertilizer formulated specifically for the area of Texas where our customers are located, assuring you the best fertilizer available.

April is the time to apply a high-nitrogen spring fertilizer to lawns. This typically should occur after the third mowing when the entire lawn is green. Follow up with additional fertilizer in June (optional) and again in September.

For pasture options, Ark Country Store has formulated products specific for Ellis County. We’ve added sulfur to maximize the utilization of the nutrients and get more bang for your buck. If you’re growing hay or you want a dark green meadow, we have product options for you. We can set you up with a spreader that you can pull behind your pickup or your tractor. Talk to us about custom applying those acres to maximize your green grass whether you’re running it through a horse or bailing it through a baler. 

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