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Should You Take Your Pet On Vacation?

Take Your Pet On Vacation

Should You Take Your Pet On Vacation?

For many, summer means vacations. When you are single and live alone, you can be ready at a moment’s notice. Throw in a dog or two, and you have some serious considerations to mull over before you even think of packing.

Even when you have a family, planning for a vacation becomes more complicated when you share your life with a dog. Should you leave him at a kennel? For many, that is out of the question. The indecision causes quite a few dog owners to bring their dog with them. It is not any easy decision no matter which way you decide.

However, there are some questions to ask yourself before you commit to answering the ultimate summertime question of pet owners: should you bring your dog on vacation?

  1. Does your dog adapt well to new situations? If not, your fun trip may quickly escalate into a bad memory.
  2. Do you have a responsible friend or relative who would enjoy taking your dog while you’re gone? If so, that’s always the safest bet!
  3. How active is your dog? If you have a dog who requires a lot of activity, a vacation inside a hotel might be anything but fun for your pup.
  4. Is your destination pet friendly? Many hotels allow pets but it’s certainly not the majority. Check ahead to see what they offer.
  5. How much time will you spend in places where you can’t take your dog? Will you spend the majority of your time at a beach house or in the woods where your dog can accompany you or will you be spending hours on long lines for sightseeing tours, rides, and attractions?
  6. Is your dog old? A sunny getaway may not be pleasant for an older dog who would prefer to just lay around in air-conditioning.
  7. Does your dog love being in the sun and soaking up the summer? Or is does she get easily winded or overheated when the temps go up? If you have a breed that has special temperature concerns, it is probably best for your dog to stay home in a cool place than traipse after the family on vacation.
  8. Have you explored non-traditional boarding? Look for services that set up owners and host families for a fee, like a kennel.If your dog loves people and new situations, a five star boarding experience just might prove more enjoyable than a five star hotel.

Source: Babble/Danielle Sullivan