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Top 5 Things to Know About Feeding Deer & Elk

  1. “If you feed corn, you won’t get horn!”
    Corn does not have the nutrients necessary to grow big antlers, and too much corn can even kill deer by causing acidosis, diarrhea, and founder.

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    % Calcium
    % Phosphorus
    Copper, ppm
    Zinc, ppm
    Selenium, ppm
    Digestible Energy
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  2. Wild deer survive on the generosity of Mother Nature.
    A bad climatic year can greatly decrease forage quantity and quality. And even a good year does not guarantee habitat nutrition will allow a buck to maximize his genetic potential for body size and antler mass. Nutritional needs often exceed the nutrition provided by Mother Nature.Nutritional deficiencies early in life can stunt a buck’s growth and antler size for the rest of his life.
  3. Year-round supplemental feeding evens out the nutritional peaks and valleys caused by seasonal and environmental effects.

    Consistently well-fed does produce more milk of higher quality, resulting in bigger fawns.Consistently well-fed fawns grow faster, stay healthier and have higher survival rates.

    Buck fawns that receive optimal nutrition early in life will have bigger antlers. Those with poor nutrition early in life may never achieve their genetic potential for antler size, even if they are fed well as adults.

    Intermittent feeding will NOT have the same results as year-round supplemental feeding. Bucks entering a feeding program in below-average body condition (such as right after rut) will spend nutrition on rebuilding body tissue, not antler tissue.

    Research has shown that consistent, year-round supplemental feeding supports improved health (decreased mortality, increased parasite and disease resistance), bigger body size, better milking capability, more successful breeding and of course, more massive antlers!

  4. Purina Mills has been the leader in deer nutrition research and inventive technology for over 50 years.Patented all-natural AntlerMax® Protein Technology in new Purina Mills® Deer Chow® protects proteins from early rumen breakdown. It delivers more high-quality protein to fast-growing antler tissues at the right time, resulting in antlers of unprecedented size and mass at a much earlier age.

    Proprietary AntlerMax® Mineral Technology is a power-packed nutritional package with the exact amounts and ratios of vitamins and minerals for optimal antler growth, density and strength.

    Purina Mills® Deer Chow® with AntlerMax® produces bigger bucks with the trophy antlers they were meant to have, while the does will be bigger, healthier and better milkers to produce healthy, robust fawns.

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  5. Exclusive WaterShield™ Technology is a water-resistant option in new Deer Chow® with AntlerMax®.Deer Chow® pellets with WaterShield™ are protected from the damaging effects of water, which can significantly reduce the amount of wasted feed.

    Deer Chow® pellets with WaterShield™ can maintain their integrity in wet weather, which means less chance of feeders clogging and your deer going without feed.