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Winterize Your Stock Show Projects

Winterize Your Stock Show Projects!

We got some wonderful tips from Megan Parr of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension today on how to make sure stock show projects are properly taken care of this year during the cold winter months. Read on or watch the video below to learn more! And don’t forget to shop locally as you winterize your stock show projects! Ark Country store has all your stock show needs covered, from feeds to shavings and more. Learn more here:

Sheep & Goats

  • Make sure you purchase socks and blankets for these guys; if you’re cold and need a jacket, so do they
  • Periodically remove blankets to check for ringworm or other fungi, and treat it with an antifungal product if needed
  • Keep lambs and goats dry at all times- keep legs clean by brushing them and wrapping with VetWrap or leg wraps each week


  • Do not need blankets
  • Keep hogs dry at all times- use a hard, stiff-bristled brush to remove dirt and debris and condition their skin each day
  • Keep pens clean, and add extra shavings for insulation


  • Can withstand the cold better than swine, lambs, and goats
  • After coming in contact with water, make sure they are dried completely
  • Feed extra hay on colder days