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Wipe N’ Spray Savings

Wipe N' Spray

Take up to $5 OFF Pyranha Wipe N’ Spray at Ark Country Store, while supplies last.

Are you looking for fly spray for your horses? Unprotected horses and cattle can lead to poor health and reduced feeding conversion, not to mention an irritant to the animal. Ark Country Store carries a variety of fly control products for cattle and horses. Save on Wipe N’ Spray from Pyranha at both Ark Country Store locations while supplies last. See the details here:

  • $5 off gallons

  • $2 off quarts

For horse owners, Pyranha has a great line of fly control sprays like Wipe N’ Spray, Equine Spray and Zero Bite Spray in both spray bottles and refill gallons. Each ready-to-use spray offers protection with a citronella scent that is safe for your horses.

Stop by Ark Country Store to ensure your horses remain fly-free this summer.

While supplies last.